Fridge, written by Emma Zadow, is a culmination piece of nostalgia, growing up and millennial mental illness woven together with spoken word, storytelling and original live music by Singer-Songwriter Phoebe Robinson. As the millennial generation are finding they are the newest adults, the youngest grown-ups, no longer babies of the Internet, so does a new kind of retrospective story of youth immerge. The play unashamedly addresses our generation’s obsession with 1990s Disney films and the tales promised to us we would live out after the final dong of the midnight clock on January 1st 2000. The play explores depression and millennial mental illness in a unique and original style of theatre.

There is definitely amongst our generation a need for escapism, for fantasy; unprecedented by any other generation before us, and Fridge captures the reality of a fantasy-led world through a multi-sensory theatrical experience. The performance received the opportunity to be part of a new writing festival called Festival 47 at the King's Head Theatre in London. 


☆☆☆☆ It tackles family rifts, nostalgia and mental illness with sensitivity and compassion, while laying bare the torment of confronting one's past.

- Theatre Weekly

Read about our rehearsed reading of Fridge at the Etcetera Theatre from June last year here.

Fridge is an arresting piece of new drama which delivers a powerful emotional punch, often undercut by moments of bittersweet humour. Despite the briefest of runs in Camden, it deserves, and I’m sure will secure, a much wider audience.

- A Younger Theatre


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