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The Beach House


by Christina Alagaratnam


A year ago, an unexpected tragedy rocked a small seaside town, when a young woman named Kirsten allegedly drowned. Her body was never found and everyone pointed their finger toward the Campbell family – who live on the beach. After all, Kirsten was the girlfriend of Jason Campbell, the eldest son. Without any evidence to actually charge him, Jason ran away, leaving his parents, his twin sister Ellie, and little brother Shaun, to pick up the pieces. Unable to cope, the Campbell parents leave on a world cruise.

One night, a mysterious stranger named Danny crashes his boat onto the beach. The Campbell siblings allow him to take shelter at their house until the storm passes. Ellie wants to look after him but Shaun doesn’t trust him at all, warning her to be on her guard. Danny says that he is looking for someone who had taken something from him. 



Christina Alagaratnam graduated from the MA Creative Writing course at Westminster University in 2015. She had her first full-length play Darkridge performed and produced by Doughnut Productions last year. She is a blogger, short story writer, and poet. Her short story Sanctuary was published in the journal ‘The Dhanka Tribune’. 


Staged reading at the Etcetera Theatre Camden the 5th of June 2016

Directed by Tonje Wik Olaussen and Sam Dunstan

Co-Producers: Blackout Creative Arts and Sam Dunstan

Perfomers: Grace Cheatle, Jon Parry and Thomas Maryan


Special thanks to Emma Zadow, Gemma Wilson, Robert Thorpe-Woods, William Postlethwaite, The Fly Pit, Theatre N16, Old Sole Theatre and Etcetera Theatre Camden.

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