Wall of Thanks


These are the people that helped our crowd funding campaign for A Study on the Stillness of Love. We are eternally grateful to them for supporting us and the project. Thank you!


Hilde Andersen

Pam & Josh Baergen

Kyrre Berg

Anne Bertreau

Noah Carvajal

Ian Day

Astrid & Magnar Florholmen

Filipa Fragoso

James Robert Hill

Britt Hoffland

Clarence Hudson

Liuting & John Hudson

Marius Kaspersen

Børge Klungerbo

Kevin Kraussler


Johanna Linsley

Sean McGrath

Alejandro De Mesa

Andre Neely

Andrea Olaussen

Julie Olaussen

Jørgen Olaussen

Lisbeth, Elise & Else Olaussen

Tina Ryr

Joao Sousa


Joel Watson

Helene Wik

Sophie Wik

Robert Thorpe Woods



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